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GST/HST Solutions

GST/HST is a commodity tax that applies to the supply of most goods and services in Canada. Are your goods and services taxable? Zero rated? Exempt? Do you need to collect GST/HST on the sale of real property? What if your sales are less than $30,000 for the last 12 months? We will identify your situation as it applies to the Excise Tax Act and your collection, payment or filing responsibilities.

Are you creating innovative software, e-business solutions or web-enabled applications? Are you developing prototypes, creating custom machinery or using new materials? All businesses conducting research and development activities that lead to technological advancements resulting in new or improved products, processes, devices or material qualify for the SR&ED tax incentive rebate offered by the Federal and applicable provincial governments.

Deadlines are very tight and if you miss them, your ability to claim SR&ED tax credits for that year is lost. Ask us today if you qualify to claim the SR&ED tax credits.

  • Personal tax returns can vary in type of income, deductions, tax credits and more. We can help prepare your annual personal tax returns and provide timely advice.
  • Deadline to file your tax return, without any penalties, is April 30 or June 15 if you, or your spouse, have self-employment income.
  • Deadline to remit any taxes owing without incurring interest charges is April 30 (if on a weekend, then the first business day following).
  • Through constant training and research, our team has the knowledge and tools necessary to help you navigate even the most complex tax issues. We keep up to date on changes in tax regulations and bring our clients advanced tax planning that goes beyond compliance and takes into consideration long-term impacts.
  • You benefit from an integrated approach that takes your business, personal and family taxes into account.
  • Corporate tax returns must be filed annually within 6 months of your fiscal year-end. Penalties apply on late filing based on a percentage of taxes owing. If no taxes are owed, then no penalties.
  • Corporate taxes payable, for small business, are due within 3 months of your fiscal year-end. Interest charges will apply on late payment based on the Canada Revenue Agency’s prescribed rate plus 4%.